jeudi 21 juin 2007

Amber is back home

I don't think we were quite prepared for that.

The vet called in the afternoon saying there had been some "complications" during the procedure and that we couldn't get her back until later in the day. When we got to the surgery, he took us in a little cubicle to explain. When I walked in there and did not see her, I started to panic. He looked concerned and apologetic, his first words were : Your cat is doing fine. Like in ER, the false reassurance that precedes the terrible news : "Your daughter is doing fine. But she'll never walk again." Well it wasn't that bad in the end : it turns out that he dropped a ligature during the operation, could not find it again and basically butchered her until he found it again. Our tiny little kitten now has two huge wounds, one on her stomach and the other on her left side - 8 stitches in total. For a routine procedure.

I don't want to blame the vet or get angry, I just want to concentrate in getting my cat better.

No one got much sleep last night - she's exhausted but refuses to sleep and we're just doing everything we can to make her feel better. I have taken the day off today to look after her. She's getting Gourmet and cuddles on tap. She should be the happiest cat alive with this 5-star treatment but she just shuffles around with a sad look on her brave little face.

I can't wait to get my happy bouncy cat back. And I feel so guilty for putting her through this.

5 commentaires:

Caroline à Londres a dit…

Aïe, c'est vraiment trop moche, pour ne pas dire dégueu (on dit souvent ça, au Québec). Prompt rétablissement à Amber qui ne doit rien comprendre à tout cela, mais qui a la meilleure des mamans!

Pascale Clerk a dit…

Depuis Paris, je lui envoie mes meilleurs voeux de rétablissement. Elle a l'air trop mignonne.

Pepette a dit…

Merci beaucoup pour vos pensées, Amber remonte la pente petit à petit, c'est pas la forme des grands jours mais elle est officiellement "on the mend" !

Dee a dit…

Hi - just came across your blog. Hope kitty feels much better soon! I just had my cat sick and at the vets for a few days so I can relate. All the best. purrrrrr.

Pepette a dit…

Thanks for the messages of support. After a weekend of relapse, Amber is now feeling much better, everything is healing well and I can't wait for her hair to grow back!