mercredi 12 septembre 2007

It's not easy being French in Scotland today

My apologies to non sport fans but the talk of the day in Glasgow for the past few days has been the football Euro 2008 qualifier in Paris tonight, in which Scotland will meet France. France is currently top of the group, closely followed by Scotland, just a point behind. A win for Scotland tonight would make them top of the group and send the nation absolutely crazy!

France will certainly want to seek revenge after losing at Hampden Park in October last year. But Scotland is a clever and dangerous team with some very good players. And most of all they have soul and passion and such a strong desire to win that they can accomplish miracles!

I’m sure the Scottish fans – the Tartan Army - must have descended en masse on Paris in a flurry of kilts and bagpipes. Knowing their good spirit and how much they enjoy a good time, I bet the atmosphere tonight will be fantastic!

In the meantime, I’m taking a lot of stick at work from my pure blood Scottish colleagues and having to listen to Flower of Scotland (the unofficial national anthem) on a loop! To be honest, whichever way it goes tonight, I’m not sure I’ll want to show up tomorrow morning!

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Caroline de retour au Québec a dit…

Au-delà du sport, voilà une petite tranche d'anthropologie/sociologie tout à fait intéressante. Bonne chance Pépette, et protège-toi bien demain matin! :)

Mo a dit…

One of Alan's colleagues has gone to Paris for the evening for the match! I'm still trying to get my head round it. He left for the airport this afternoon and will be back at his desk tomorrow morning.

I remember the rugby supporters descending on Paris when I was there. It was really funny to suddenly hear all these Scottish accents.

Maybe your dilemma will be solved and it will be a draw! Somehow I think France will win! You could always take a sickie tomorrow.

Mo a dit…

Couldn't resist popping in again to gloat. It's not every day Scotland beats France. Whey, hey, sorry Pépette, we're celebrating. Definitely think you should have a sickie tomorrow.

Pepette a dit…

Hi Mo! Well done! I always thought the Scots could do it. My neighbours are going crazy!!!

At least Alan's colleague won't have gone to Paris for nothing. I bet he's going to nurse a big hangover tomorrow! Actually that could be my saving grace, if all the guys at work are too hungover to wind me up :)

Pascale Clerk a dit…

Les supporters écossais en kilt font toujours leur petit effet dans les rues de Paris chaque fois qu'un événement sportif a lieu et la journée d'hier n'a pas fait exception. J'ai vu un petit garçon demander à un grand gaillard "Vous êtes anglais ?" et le jeune homme lui répondre avec un charmant accent "Je suis écossais". Il n'est jamais trop tôt pour apprendre.