samedi 15 septembre 2007

Spring cleaning ... in september!

I'm tidy, I can't help it. I like order, neat rows, straight piles and lists. My books are shelved according to subject, my CDs and DVDs in alphabetical order, my clothes are organised by color. In Friends, I would have been Monica. Some people find it disturbing or unnerving, I have been called obsessive, control freak, anal retentive and worse. Call me what you want, but I like to be able to find things when I need them.

It was inevitable then that this blog was going to receive the Pépette's treatment one day.
As you know, I have been wondering recently which language to use when writing this blog and I will probably continue using both french and english. This is far too much disorder for me! I have therefore decided to organise my posts in categories for the purpose of clarity.
So don't be surprised if you see some old posts popping up in your RSS feeds in the next few days, I'm busy labelling and decluttering. Having such a great time!

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Mo a dit…

You should have been a librarian! [speaking as an ex librarian :-) ]