vendredi 23 novembre 2007

Radiance 2007

As part of Winterfest – Glasgow’s festive celebration programme - Radiance, the International Festival of Light returns to Glasgow this weekend to transform the city in a celebration of light, architecture, history and art. The Merchant City and the Cathedral area will be turned into an open air gallery as shimmering light displays are projected on many buildings and city’s landmarks. I will definetely go and take a stroll around the different festival locations and enjoy the light artworks. I’m particularly looking forward to admire the work of French artist Xavier De Richemont who will use the walls of Glasgow Cathedral as a canvas for a light and music mural.
You can find the full programme here and for those of you who won’t be in Glasgow this weekend, the website has webcams which should allow you to admire the displays from the comfort (and warmth!) of your own home.

Picture: Xavier de Richemont's light mural on the walls of Glasgow Cathedral (only visible at night obviously)

Edit (friday night): after looking at the webcams earlier tonight it appears they are only pointing at the Christmas lights on George Square. So no Radiance highlights there then ... Will try and take pictures this weekend but night pictures are not my speciality!

2 commentaires:

Mathilde a dit…

J'y etais hier soir!!! Je vais d'ailleurs faire un post dessus prochainement... T'y es alle alors???

Pepette a dit…

Oui! J'y suis allée hier soir moi aussi!!!! J'ai adoré l'esprit mais malheureusement mes photos rendent pas trop ... et en plus mes piles m'ont laché avant la fin .... :(
J'ai hate de lire ton post!!!