lundi 26 mai 2008

Life changes - Part 2

I had drafted a post to tell you about our good news but as if our lifes had not been eventful enough recently, fate threw us another surprise today.

This is how the post started:

On the 1st of April, I was offered my boss’s job, as his dad had finally retired and he was going to become our new managing director, leaving his current position vacant. This had been on the cards for quite a while and I was obviously delighted that it was finally confirmed. But I was also a bit worried and feeling rather deceitful accepting their offer, for that very same morning I had found out I was pregnant…

I was still trying to decide if that stick I had been peeing on, half awake and bleary-eyed, was playing an April’s Fool on me! I waited a couple of days and took two other tests; the results were all the same – undoubtedly, absolutely positive. Then, as a lot of first time parents-to-be will know, a wave of mixed feelings took over, surprise (we’d only been trying for a couple of months and were told it could take up to a year!), complete delight and excitement of course, but also sheer panic, fear, and worry…

We started counting the weeks that separated us from our first and only scan, each week the likelihood of suffering a miscarriage reducing, each week closer to finally believing this was happening. It is hard to take it in until you have ‘proof’; no blood tests here, if the stick says yes, the stick is right!

Today we finally had the scan. And this is what it looked like:

I agree, it looks more like a hurricane forecast than anything else and it is really hard to make anything out - but what is certain is that there are two of them !

Nothing prepares you for the shock of finding out you are expecting twins. As I'm writing these words, nine hours after the biggest shock of my life, my hands are still shaking and I am struggling to find the words to describe what I am feeling.
I guess it will take us several weeks to fully come to term with the news. But we are overwhelmingly happy!

So now you know, what kept me away from my laptop those past few weeks… We are now a single income family with two babies on the way. Bring it on!

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Fabienne a dit…

Waouh,that's some news. Are twins running in you family?
Congratulations "au carré"! How far are you in the pregnancy?

PS - Be careful, your name is appearing on the scan

Pepette a dit…

No, no twins in the family - got to start somewhere I guess ...
I'm only 11 weeks along so still a fair way to go, although twins have a tendancy to show up early!

I had doctored some pictures to delete my name but obviously posted the wrong ones ... Must be the hormones :) Will have to rectify that presto!

Caroline de retour au Québec a dit…

Ouah! Je suis toute contente pour vous! Félicitations!

Des jumeaux: quelle aventure! But you'll make it.

Une connaissance à moi tient un blogue sur sa vie de maman de jumeaux, ils ont un an, maintenant. Ça peut t'inspirer, même si ça se passe au Québec:

On a commencé à essayer ici aussi, et j'espère que ça ira aussi vite que pour vous... ;)

Mo a dit…

Wow, great news. I had suspected that one might be on the way but not two. I can imagine your mixed feelings of apprehension and joy. I have a friend who had triplets after IVF. She manages by being VERY organised!

Best of luck Pepette.

Pascale Clerk a dit…

That's AMAZING ! Félicitations, prends bien soin de toi. Et sinon, tu vas le prendre ce job ? ;-)

Pepette a dit…

Caroline - merci beaucoup pour le lien! Des jumeaux il n'y en a pas dans ma famille et j'aimerai donc beaucoup lire l'expérience de quelqu'un d'autre, ne serait ce que pour savoir à quoi m'attendre!

Mo - we had to ask the sonographer to check there wasn't 3 yesterday! I'm not sure I could cope - or my body for that matter.
I am normally an organised person but the dad to be isn't so I will have to teach him some of my skills I think!

Pascale - Merci! Et bien oui, j'avais accepté le job parce qu'il fallait bien que quelqu'un le fasse dans l'intérim. Maintenant il va falloir réfléchir à un plan B pour couvrir mes congés maternité et peut être même un plan C si je décide de ne pas retourner au travail ... si le Petit Chimiste a trouvé un travil d'ici là... Sans vouloir faire cliché, ça change un peu la vie des jumeaux, surtout quand on connait le prix des gardes d'enfants ici !

Pascale Clerk a dit…

J'ai deux neveux qui sont des jumeaux et je crois pouvoir dire que c'est beaucoup de boulot au début mais qu'ensuite c'est génial car ils jouent ensemble, s'entraident... Et si tu voulais deux enfants, comme ça c'est fait en une seule fois ! Mais tu as le temps de découvrir tout ça. Tu vas nous faire un blog de maman maintenant !

nmj a dit…

Hey Pepette, This is such lovely news, am happy for you! x

Veronique a dit…

Je m'en doutais! Enfin, pas pour les jumeaux, mais la grossesse. Felicitations, Pepette, c'est une belle nouvelle! Prend bien soin de toi et des twins et tiens-nous au courant.

Mélodie a dit…

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Félicitations!!
Que donner pour voir votre réaction lors de l'échographie :-) Comment le médecin vous l'a-t-il annoncé? Tout bonnement ou avec grand fracas?


Blue a dit…

Wow! Je suis en retard dans les nouvelles, mais félicitations Pépette! Très contente pour toi. :)