vendredi 6 juillet 2007

There is no such thing as bad weather ...

... only inappropriate clothing.

Who has never heard that saying? I have been living in Britainfor a while now and every time I complain about the weather, there's always a nice soul around who thinks this is going to make me feel better. Well it doesn't. So stop it please.

And I do totally disagree: there is such a thing as bad weather.

Bad weather is when you haven't seen any sunshine for over a month.

Bad weather is when you still wear socks in bed, don a scarf to go to work, worry about frost warnings and your heating bill. And it's July.

Bad weather is when your umbrella blows inside out because of the gales and you turn up for work in dripping clothes. On a daily basis.

Bad weather is when your garden is dying, your potatoes are rotting in the ground because of all the rain and even the weeds refuse to grow.

Bad weather is when yet another summer festival is threatening to turn into a mud bath.

Bad weather is when weather forecasters tell you that summer will last for just one day.

It's making me so miserable.

And can I make a request to TV producers all round: since it is the worst summer on records (at least mine) could you stop advertising sun lotions and tanning products? We do not need any thank you very much. Bring back the Neutrogena adverts - I need some winter skin care products.

4 commentaires:

Mo a dit…

Excuse-moi, Pépette, mais j'ai rigolé! Je crois que Montpellier te manque beaucoup. Moi, je suis plutôt résignée à ce mauvais temps. En tous cas, demain il va faire super beau parce qu'on va passer le weekend sur le Loch Morar!

Enjoy T in the Park!

Pascale Clerk a dit…

Voilà pourquoi j'hésite franchement à retourner vivre en Ecosse. Quitter Paris, déjà passablement gris, pour un pays encore plus pluvieux... Ce serait du masochisme. Courage !

Gwen a dit…

This is the worst summer I can remember. I had prepared a blog post about it and then it cleared up this weekend. If it gets worse again I will post it.

Pepette a dit…

Mo - tu dois avoir des dons de voyance, effectivement, il a fait très beau ce weekend - et j'ai même un coup de soleil sur le nez, c'est dire!

Pascale - comme tu le dis souvent, il fait quand même des belles journées ici. Rappelle toi ! :)
On a vraiment eu le pire été jusqu'à maintenant, mais je crois que c'est pareil en France non ?

Gwen - I'm hoping this weekend was the start of the summer. I will forgive Scotland for putting me through so much misery ;)