lundi 22 octobre 2007

Deil's Cauldron - Comrie, Perthshire

After a busy week at work and finally starting to feel better after my cold, I really felt the need to get out in the fresh air and get some gentle exercise. So, on saturday, undeterred by the clouds and miserable weather, we wraped ourselves up and decided to take a trip to Comrie in Perthshire. It was recently voted the Large Village Britain in Bloom winner by the RHS. Unfortunately, the blooms are now long gone but the village remains very charming and we had a little wander admiring the pretty cottages and little shops along the main street. I've learned that Comrie lies on the Highland Boundary Fault and because it has experienced many minor earthquakes in the past, has been nicknamed the Shakin' Toon.

Woodland paths

We then took a walk up a narrow gorge leading to the Deil's Cauldron (or Devil’s kettle) - a spectacular waterfall. In Gaelic it is Slocha'n Donish and legend has it that it was the favourite haunt of a brownie or water elf called Uris-chidh who enticed victims down into the huge natural pothole. The waterfall plunges through the cauldron and is rather impressive! We really enjoyed walking through woodland paths covered in fallen leaves in vibrant colours, looking at mushrooms (apart from ceps, I can’t recognize them and it was much safer to leave them where they were!) and throwing spiky chestnut husks at each other (we love each other really!).

The banks of Glen Lednock

Deil's Cauldron

We took the long way back to Glasgow, stopping off for a bite to eat at the cosy Munro Inn in Strathyre, driving through beautiful countryside in the Trossachs and enjoying the views over Loch Earn and Loch Lubnaig.

Loch Earn

Came back to Glasgow much refreshed and that nasty cold is definetely forgotten!

3 commentaires:

Mo a dit…

Sounds like a lovely day out - just what I need at the moment. Glen Lednock is one of my favourite glens especially up the top where it opens out onto the hillside.

Mélodie a dit…

Ah, l'Écosse. J'ai la chance de voyager assez souvent, mais j'avoue que l'Écosse a encore la première place dans mon coeur. C'est si beau. Tes photos sont superbes.

Pepette a dit…

Mo - you're right, Glen Lednock is a beautiful glen, I had never been before and i didn't regret it! Unfortunately the weather was quite bad so the view at the top wasn't that great and my photos didn't turn out well at all... There's always the next time!

Mélodie - Merci pour le compliment ! :) C'est après des journées comme ça que je ne regrette pas d'avoir choisi de vivre ici.