jeudi 18 octobre 2007


Apologies for the lack of posts at the moment. I’m not sulking after the English victory at the weekend – but I must confess I’m rather enjoying the fact that the railway workers at the SNCF have decided to go on strike, making it extra difficult for all the English fans to travel to Paris (am I evil, bitter and twisted or what?). However, I feel for Parisians and people actually trying to travel throughout France; I can imagine it’s not much fun for you and I doubt you’ll get much satisfaction or consolation out of the English fans’ misery.

So, as I said, apologies for the lack of posts. It’s this time of year where I keep getting one cold after another despite consuming an insane amount of kiwis and oranges to supplement my Vitamin C intake. I feel like my brain has been wrapped in cotton wool and I’m on my tenth packet of Kleenex since Monday. And as usual when I get one of those very bad colds, I’ve had a really busy week at work which included dealing with visitors from Germany, who I’ve had to entertain in the evenings as well. Ironically, last time we visited them in Germany, I was also run down with a cold. Maybe they’ll think my red nose and intermittent coughing are permanent features – I hope not, although I quite like my current husky voice. To survive this week, I’ve drugged myself up to the eyeballs; I’m writing this post high on Lemsip, Benylin, Strepsils and large amounts of caffeine. If you don’t hear from me again soon, I might have simply overdosed.

2 commentaires:

Mo a dit…

Soigne-toi bien et bon rétablissment. There's nothing more miserable than a cold :-(

Pascale Clerk a dit…

Bon courage ! Je sais ce que ça peut être.