jeudi 4 octobre 2007

What is going on with Scottish sports at the moment?

It all started with the national football team beating France in a Euro 2008 qualifier a few weeks ago. Then on Tuesday night, Rangers beat Lyon in a Champion’s league qualifier. Again on French soil. And last night, Celtic managed to get a win over AC Milan at Celtic Park; AC Milan who are after all the current European Champion. No mean feat …

Even in the rugby they are doing very well, qualifying for the quarter final of the World Cup.

Well done Scotland! I know those last years have been tough on the sport front - you deserve it!

But this is not doing any good to my beauty sleep with celebrations going on in the flats around me practically every night at the moment!

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Mathilde a dit…

Vive l'Ecosse! Vive le sport en Ecosse! Vive tout en Ecosse! (je souffre d'enthousiasme chronique, c'est ridicule).