mardi 18 novembre 2008

The inevitable heavily pregnant lady rant

I am not having a very good day today. I am fed up of waiting. I blame all the scaremongers with their horror stories about twin premature births. I built myself up for an early arrival and for being a mum before mid November because of them ... Now mid November has come and gone, I am still not a mum but a huge, terribly grumpy pregnant lady in a very clean and tidy flat.

I wish people stopped ringing. I know it's because they care and I have probably done the same to pregnant friends in the past (I won't anymore!) but do they seriously think I would forget to tell them? Honestly, the day these babies finally come out, I will want to tell the world ! Even the Wee Chemist's mum is calling every night, despite our repeated reassurances that she will be the first to know - of course it's a lie, MY mum will be the first to know! But anything to make her stop ...

Everybody is telling me to 'make the most of it'. Yes I can sleep and read as much as I want without being disturbed by a screaming baby (or two). But there's only so much reading you can do and so much sleep you can get - and it can't be bottled as far as I know. I'd like to go shopping or on long walks, but instead, I feel I am in limbo, not being able to venture very far from the house in case of 'something happening' - I am very slow and not very mobile anyway so I guess it's not a huge loss. But I'd like to have the choice. I hate daytime TV so that's not an option and watching DVDs requires a lot of concentration as I need to get up every 15 min for a toilet break and I end up losing the plot.

I have tried everything known to induce labour: raspberry leaf tea - only increases the frequency of toilet breaks - spicy food and pineapple - triggers terrible indigestion and heartburn - weeding and cleaning the skirting boards, on my hand and knees - at least the garden is tidy and the skirting boards immaculate. Nothing works. The Wee Chemist suggested one more thing ... to end this how it all began ... but I think I've got a headache !

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Pascale Clerk a dit…

When I was pregnant I used to watch Countdown in the afternoon, just to keep my brain working. Make the most of those lazy days !

Caroline a dit…

Je lisais "Grossesse, le guide des copines" de Vicky Iovine, hier, et elle dit justement que lorsque l'accouchement approche, mère et belle-mère ne cessent d'appeler pour savoir si le travail est commencé! Tu confirmes en partie!

À part être grumpy, tu te sens bien? Car Iovine dit aussi qu'on a le souffle court et qu'on étouffe presque lorsque le petit (ou les petits!) ne peut faire autrement que de presser sur les poumons, à neuf mois. J'ai fait une crise de panique juste à lire ça! Me sentir claustrophobe dans mon propre corps: au secours! Je pense que si je fais une fausse couche, je vais préférer l'adoption plutôt que de réessayer de tomber enceinte... Ça me fait vraiment peur.

Enfin, je comprends que tu t'ennuies et la seule consolation est que tes bébés ne seront pas prématurés du tout! Bon courage. :)

Mélodie a dit…

J'ai adoré ton billet. Tu rends la grossesse réelle... Un joyeux mélange de beau et parfois, de moins beau :-) Bons derniers jours xxx

Fabienne a dit…

C'est quand la bloody due date?

Pepette a dit…

Pascale - I might take your advice - although I much prefer French Countdown! :)

Caroline - je te rassure, je me sens bien... Enfin les positions confortables sont rares, un des bébés se coince sans arrêt dans mes cotes et partager un corps à trois implique que mes organes vitaux sont bien compressés. Ca veut dire pauses pipi sans arrêt, petits repas parce que mon estomac est tout écrasé, etc. Depuis uelques semaines, je m'essoufle au moindre effort mais je te rassure, je ne me sens pas étouffée. Et pour être honnête, quand c'est ton (tes) bébé(s) qui te causent tous ces "désagréments", ça parait pas si désagréable!

Mélodie - et oui la grossesse c'est 99% de bonheur mais ce serait mentir que de dire qu'il n'y a pas de jours difficiles!

Fabienne - 16 décembre mais vois mon prochain billet !

Mo a dit…

At least it's giving you plenty of time to blog and let us all catch up on how you're doing!

I used to have a t shirt that said "I'm entitled to be grumpy". If I still had it, I'd send you it!

Pepette a dit…

Mo, I would have loved such a t-shirt!