samedi 2 février 2008

Best of 2007

It has been a busy week, but here it is finally! The final installment of my best of Scotland so far. Today, everything exciting we got up to in 2007.

A walk in the Campsies - March 07

Very often, people visiting Scotland fly to Glasgow or Edinburgh and rush past the Campsies or the Ochills on the way to the Highlands. People sneer at them, just a few rolling hills, no Munros, Donalds or Corbetts, not challenging enough for would-be moutaineers ... We have been guilty of it too, it took us over 2 years to finally visit the Campsies properly. But on that fine Sunday of March, when it felt that spring was finally here, we did not regret it. Because of its lack of popularity, the area is unspoiled and incredibly quiet and we enjoyed a beautiful walk without seeing a single soul for several hours.

Melrose Abbey in the Scottish Borders - May 07
I told you all about it here.

On a grey saturday afternoon in July, we decided to visit Linlithgow on a whim. It was too short notice to arrange to meet up with Mo but we had a nice lunch at the Four Marys pub and enjoyed visiting the palace and walking around the loch.

Island of Raasay and Isle of Skye in the distance, from the Applecross Peninsula - July 07

The first weekend of Glasgow Fair saw us heading north towards Torridon, in the Wester Ross area of the Highlands. I had never been so far North!

We stayed at a lovely B&B in the small village of Torridon and spent the weekend exploring the area, taking in stunning views: the sea lochs of Torridon and Shieldaig surrounded by some of the oldest hills in Europe and the Applecross Peninsula and its spectacular views over Skye and Raasay. A great taste of the Highlands.

The pretty village of Applecross

Shieldaig Bay

Loch Torridon

Glen Torridon

The view from our window - not bad?

And the warmest day of the summer !

Unfortunately that wasn't to last. We drove back to Glasgow in the pouring rain and managed just the one stop at Eilan Donan Castle, one of the most iconic castle in Scotland - situated on a small island at a point where 3 lochs meet. It was very wet, cold and far too busy with tourists for my liking but an intersting visit nonetheless. Maybe I should go back some other time ...

Eilean Donan Castle on a truly miserable summer day -

yes, this is the reality of Scotland sometimes ...

The Deil's Cauldon in Comrie - October 2007
More pictures and the full story here.

And because I don't want to leave you under the impression that Scotland is always grey and miserable: a beautiful winter morning in Alexandra Park on my way to work - am I not a lucky girl?

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J'adore tes "best of" sur l'Écosse. Quel pays magnifique. Je le choisirais avant tout autre